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About Me

 Hi!  I am Amy Noble.  I am 38 years old but possess a soul from another era.  I am a child of God and unreliable in my own skin..Grateful for the strength He provides me and the life that He has afforded me. I have been journaling since childhood.  To me, writing is as important to me as the air that I breathe.  So I guess it is fair to say I was wired to this gift; this passion that essentially chose me.  It longs to escape my heart and find its way to others through the empty page.  My life so far has been a sweet, beautiful, often painful yet humbling journey full of unexpected experiences, love and loss.   I have gained so much more than has been taken and I am grasping what tomorrow holds for me with outstretched arms.  My hope is that my words inspire you, encourage, facilitate healing of hearts, challenge minds, and conjure feelings you may have buried.  May I share a part of me with you?  Would you sit with me over coffee through this screen and embrace your own journey with me?  I would be honored.  Let’s live the truth of our being together through the scripted word.

Holding you near,