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Let Me

Let me love you reckless.




Leaving my mark in red lipstick all over your mouth.

I will allow your hands to slide against the dangerous curves of my mysterious form.

Beneath these thin layers lies the ride your soul has long anticipated taking.

The one you’ve laid awake at night imagining.

Take a peek. I’m ready. Are you?

Unwrap that of which is yours. It always has been.

Grasp me and hold on for dear life.
Anchor my longing body so tight against you that I forget to breathe.

I no longer need air to survive. I’m living on the taste of you alone.

Tangle your tongue with mine and lick my innermost desires.

Crash into me.
Teach me with your force why the tides engulf sunset shore lines.

You wanted me. Here I am.


Nothing to conceal.

Every inch of flawed beauty in your sight.

Can you read the story on my skin before the flame of our chemistry burns chapters down?

I want you to know me whole before the traces of my past go up in smoke.
Let the ashes fall where they may.

It is true that beneath my strong, wanting exterior lies a fragile heart. Glued together with time and acceptance.

Protected from the harsh elements of doubt and fear. It has been clothed for far too long.

Undress it with patient hands. It is yours for exploration.

Dig to the center. There is so much there to find.

Deep inside is the place where your name resides. It was etched in permanent ink long before you asked to claim me as your own.

You knew that didn’t you? Your lips say no but your eyes answer differently.

Let me be what you’ve needed. The poetic answer to your late night prayers. I’ve heard your wishful whispers through the distant air.

We are the ones who bleed for something real.
Together we are the only authentic truth.

I want you. I know that you want me.