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With every thought of you my heart beats with eager anticipation and my lungs fill with heavy breath.


There is a sweet restlessness in this constant.

Words are dancing in my mouth longing to escape to the atmosphere. My voice often falters when my lips are brave enough to part.

I want released of the iron fist that clenches my throat, holding back so much your ears need to hear.

I’m far past worn with the debate in my mind. This time I want to forget the rules.

I want to fill the space between us with the secrets I’ve held.

I want to make contact with your eyes and tell you the thousand ways you are ever constant in my mind.

How no time has stolen the heightened capacity of physical sensation in me for you.

What if you have been waiting for me to come out of silence. What if you too have been sleeping with unspoken expression for me.

What if we let the moment given to us slide through trembling fingers. It is true that everything aired could crumble like burned paper in our hands.

But what if it unleashed a fire still burning between us. The one our pride said was gone. One we would have never been warmed with again had we left words unsaid.


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