The Paper Heart

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Don’t fall in love with me.

Not yet.

Don’t fall for the way my words make you burn with unbridled passion.

Or the way my eyes expose the secrets that you’ve hidden from others.

Do not succumb to the ease of conversation or the lips that kiss your lids awake from wishful daydreams.

Don’t fall in love with my mosaic heart. That of which seems so alluring.

You see it is pieced together with finely woven threads. Glued together with a sticky past of hurt and longing.

Shards still scattered in hands I can no longer touch.

And although I dream of submerging in the depths of our connection I am not ready to drown in these waters.

Yet I ask of you… Please hold onto me while I find my way whole.

Because more than anything I want to show you the light beyond the shadow of this art.


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