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Take Me

There was no doubt we were habit forming. I could feel the addiction take over as he drew me near. Overtaken with no warning.

He held my face and my lips slowly parted for the first taste. His mouth had full body flavor. I was filled with sweet weakness.

And so it begins.

The movement of our kiss that sedates my soul. Tongues that interlock as everything around me disappears. I am elevated. I am tranquil.
My body takes over. Rising and falling. Every natural pinned up instinct pours out of me onto his majestic form.

I invite you here, into the depths of me. Allow me to awaken you to your secrets. The ones only you and your private prayers know.

Allow me to expose your existential truths. The pure wonder and beauty of this moment we share.
Let us break free of rules and crash wildly into one another.

Drink me down slow like aged bourbon. Feel my warmth as it engulfs your insides. The places I can’t touch.

Let me splash heavily into your loving cup with slow steady warmth; pausing only to catch our escaping breath.

I’ve imagined this magic from the first time your stare held me still. Your eyes tying me down so hard.

The slightest brush of your shirt near my shoulders took me to places not yet discovered. And here we are. Riding the decadent waves of these uncharted waters.

Where did you come from? Sweeping in like the perfect storm, drenching me with wet refreshment. Your hands hard and strong delivering claps of thunder upon my skin.

Clouds of passion hovering above us creating a glorious backdrop of welcomed ecstasy.

Far too long we have given ourselves to weaker counterparts. Weighed down with bruised flesh and tired fears. We find a calming contradiction within our fire and rain.

My soul no longer screams with desperate longing. It sings truth with a magnificent melody. You are my seductive lyric. Write your love song on me again and again.

I will own that I am drowning in you. Yet dying to something never felt so sweet. If we are going to love one another, let us submerge fully. Slowly feeling each drop of our intentions.

Pull me close with urgency.

Unveil the most mysterious parts of me you have been so curious to find. I’m ready to be transparent with you. Nothing more to hide.

Nothing else seems to exist outside of these moments. The ones we have had quiet conversations about when we’re alone. Our minds created one another as mere figments of imagination. Yet, we are real.

This is solid. Tangible. Grip this reality and hold on.

Claim me as your own and I in turn will claim you. There is no longer room for anyone else. Try as they may there is no one else to conquer that of which has already been taken.

I am yours. You are mine.


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