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Vivid Visitor

You came to visit me last night. When the sky fell dark and the night was still.

I believe you have taken up residence in my subconscious mind.
You’ve pulled up a comfy chair and rested your perfection in my dreams.

I’ve met you there before but this time much different.

A crowd of people amongst us yet the intensity of our stare drowned out the noise.

Quiet. Just you and I, sleepwalking into each other.

The heat that radiated from your hands touching mine could have set the room on fire.

You laid your parting lips on mine. What a longing web woven which each movement. Familiar. The taste just as I remembered.

After all of this time not seeing you in the present I wonder why now you seek me while I rest.

How would it be?

In reality would my heart pump as wildly at the vibration of your name.

Would you find me as exquisite, as desirable.

Would you express the aching for this love when my eyes are open the way you do when they are shut.

Would we let the force so strong between us in the dark defeat us in the light.

Throwing ourselves in sacrifice upon the most beautiful of blades.

After all it is not a death to our bodies but an awakening to our souls.


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